Due to my fiancé’s religion and belief, she doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

  • I’ve been looking forward to the holidays and my vacation is also based around this

    Christian holiday but it becomes a bit tedious due to the fact that it doesn’t go well with her belief.

    I met my loving fiancé through A Foreign Affair’s singles tour in Shenzhen, China.

    It was love at first sight and I’m really happy and contented with her.

    I am open to the fact that she stays true to her beliefs and religious practices.

    Christmas has become a holiday which allows me to relax from months of nonstop work, overtime and deadlines.

    I’ve always wanted to celebrate Christmas properly for a change;

    like: gift exchange, great dinner… an excuse to spend for a luxurious dinner. Although,

    I think we can just do it for fun but it’s still different since she knows it’s the Christmas Eve.

    She’s also very peculiar when it comes to expenses and just sees it as some sort of a waste of money.

    I’ve talked with her about it and have given her silly scenarios just to make her at least see it in a

    different perspective that could be acceptable in her beliefs.

    I need advice on how I should approach this issue with her again…

    or if you have any thoughts for alternatives to do during those vacation days?

    Thanks in advance!