• What is your favorite sport and why? What is your favorite team(s)? Do you play any sports?

    I love football(American football lol). I got into football when I was a kid because of watching it with my grandpa and learning all about it from him. I gained a true passion for the game from my grandpa as well as my crazy loyalty to my favorite team the Minnesota Vikings(SKOL). I also play football as well. I played all the way through middle school and highschool. I thought I was done with football after highschool since the college I went to didn’t have a team. Then I found my second family aka my team the Albert Lea Grizzlies a semi pro team about an hour away. It’s been an awesome experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Also it was cool we got to play at US Bank Stadium( home of the Minnesota Vikings). Ok now I’m done rambling let’s hear your stories
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