Here the people are so rude....

  • @Redbiler said in Here the people are so rude....:

    "I think putting people into categories instead of seeing the individual is quite offensive" - you think that there can't be groups of people, and the idea of classification itself is offensive applying to humanity? I was avoiding value judgments, actually, I didn't refer someone particular in any category.

    And what that smile after you first statement means? I didn't get it, seriously.

    The emoticon should have indicated that I wasn't too serious about what I was saying, and that it was a bit cheeky.

    I have to apologize, for I haven't made it clear, that my reply was not intended to just you, but also to the others in the thread.

    And maybe you think that sociopaths don't exist? Yeah, I guess that's very offensive for them that they are putted in some category...
    "The world is not a kindergarten." - And I thought that there are no murders, corruption, natural disasters. I just answering the topic, man. Read it.
    "grow strong man" I m 27. If you think that I am weak, well, maybe, I m not scared of truth, I do love truth, and it hurts me very bad, because I ve got a lot of flaws. But I m already grown, enen if I m a crooked tree.
    How old are you, by the way?
    You heard something about different types of nervous system, temperaments, types of personality? Some people are just more sensitive than others. That's it.
    I would prefer being fired than insulted by my boss.
    It's irrational, yeah. Maybe I am neurotic or have a avoidant personality disorder. Maybe. But we are all different. And you for some reason talking about it in terms adult/child. So I guess I would be an adult than I become like you?

    I'm not talking in adult/child terms. I'm talking about growing strong. Who stops growing is already dead.

    What I wanted to emphasize is, that the individual should be in the focus of attention. We are all different, as you said truthfully. Categories of course are useful, very useful even. But they are always incomplete. And they become dangerous if they follow the scheme: good/bad, oppressor vs. oppressed, because then you might find it correct to judge an individual based on his category membership.

    I believe that saying what you believe is a good thing, even if it hurts others. Because this allows us to really think. If you are not allowed to say something that offends someone, you are automatically banning ideas. And with that you'll fight freedom, at some point your own freedom.

    Now of course you are just answering the topic – people are rude. Your answer is a categorization. It helps – despite being incomplete – explain why people are rude. My answer to people being rude is to grow strong, to not judge and not categorize. In other words to love them no matter what.

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