• Live Chat Regulars Banned

    The tranquility of the chat is disrupted by abusive users, as a frequent user of TWS I can confirm. A single abuser is all it takes to upset the kind and friendly people on TWS. These users should either be banned or given a warning. They exhibit unacceptable behavior when moderators are not present, and some of them are even friends with the moderators. Any comments made about this issue seem to fall on deaf ears, as the moderators believe these users to be good and kind (not all moderators, though). Over the past few days, I have observed an increase in abusive and inappropriate users in the lounge. I have evidence to support this claim. If this behavior continues unchecked, the consequences will be severe. Please take action, Dev team. Thankyou 🖤

  • @Daisy-Margnet Please know that I have informed the Dev team of this issue and thank you for making this post as it reinforces what I have been telling them for days.

    I am locking this post so that no more drama/accusations/lies/arguments are being spread here.

    Just know you are not going unheard and are not being ignored.

    Mods do care about Live chat and the abused users of Global chat. Accusations come from both sides and it is completely out of control.

    @Daisy-Margnet said in Request for Dev team:

    These users should either be banned or given a warning

    Mods do ban users for breaking the rules then they get accused of banning for no reason then spammers are invited to spam because of mod abuse. So then there is no mods and pedophiles and abusers run rampant. And you know trolls and abusers cannot be banned because EVERYONE uses VPN's