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  • Regrets for your attitude, no regrets for that best friend. "You don't know me/my feelings" is not the best way to continue an argument, it was pissing me off as well when someone used that. "we will never be best friends" shows either immaturity or a bad way to act toward a best guy friend, just saying. His personality isn't better though but that doesn't mean you have to act like him.

  • @st-wolf Actually I didn't want to mention this but now I am mentioning

    1. He always sends me Emoticon of middle finger and slangs too .
    2. We were die hard enemies from the starting and he has a really bad attitude .
    3. He is my ex boyfriend .
    4. He is very selfish .

  • He changed the subject on you because he was clearly getting jealous, should've gave him a chance but now its all gone, I don't regret shit but you should regret everything and so should he, make everything up to each other and see how it goes from there? just a suggestion from some random guy

  • If you don't like his attitude, you can touch a person's heart and they will change quick as fuck (speaking from experience, but it was for the worse for me, I am starting to become what I hate, emo, but that doesn't matter, good luck)

  • @bompies dude I don’t believe people change I think they’ve always been who they are but it takes time for their true self to show

  • @bompies jealous of ???

  • Jealous that you weren't available

  • @bompies No 😂 he has a girlfriend