any native german speaker here? or anyone who's really good at german?

  • hi.

    so like, i'm currently studying german (starting from the basics) cuz it's compulsory for students in my uni to choose a business language to learn, and i just need someone to help me out a little and cross-check some stuff for me (we need to write 15 lines in german for our term paper) and possibly help me out with pronunciations too.

    (i'm not too bad at german as of yet, but i've only begun learning the basics, so yeah, any help would be highly appreciated, thanks <33 )

    (also, i'll need to dm you or share telegram ids or something to do this, so yeah)

  • im a german native, even tho i dont live there!
    id say my german is rly good!

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    I can also help, I'm german.:)

  • i would liek to learn too