What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done or want to do?

  • So tomorrow I get to officially cross not one but two things off my bucket list. I get to swim with sharks and go parasailing. These are by far the most adventurous things I have ever done. So I’m wondering what kind of exciting adventurous things are on your bucket list? What things have you already crossed off?

  • @football_m29 Jumped off a cliff Into water while in Brazil, will never forget the feeling.

  • Music Lovers

    @football_m29 I think the most adventurous thing I have done is skydiving. When I was in Ireland my boss said I had to go, and tadaaaa, fear of planes was over. Parasailing isn’t that bad, you’ll have hella fun, promise.

  • Zip lining through tall trees and over water but this coming summer I will be zip lining from mountain top to mountain top

  • @football_m29 dude the Smokey mountains 👌🏽 That’s where I’m going, zip lining is so much fun man. The scenery is simply beautiful

  • @russianguy I love cliff jumping that’s a lot of fun too

  • @charzard that’s still on my bucket list

  • @willoww i sure hope so. Swimming with sharks was fun but the parasailing got postponed until tomorrow due to high winds but I’m sure I will throughly enjoy it

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