• Im muslim and if want to ask quations so also talk clean chat

  • I am Muslim as well.I am from Bangladesh.

  • @ben-helsing im from pakistan

  • @wasif-aftab My teacher's Pakistani. I'm a Christian, but I have no hard feelings, unlike some people. I actually enjoy learning about people's religions. I know the significance of Mecca, but what is the significance of Medina to the Muslims?

  • What’s your opinion on Israel?

  • @gaypsychopath Madina is also very important to us
    cause out holy & Last Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and his many companions and related are still buried there
    and 2nd reason is it is starting of Islam the place of when it starts grow
    so in whole world there are 3 most important and Sacred places for Muslims
    1st is Mecca 2nd is Medina 3rd is Gaza and in there heart is mosques are the base of importance :)
    do ask any thing in your mind

  • @erika we think nothing about israel
    but we think about what Jews doing with innocent Muslims in palatine
    not only there all over world recent in Burma Syria etc
    we not only feel sad and bad for cruelty against muslims
    according to our religion one who kills any human with out any reason will go to hell weather killer is one or whole nation people. and also it is in our religion in war dont kill kids old persons female not even cut tree just fight against who want to kill you. so now days each one who do wrong and say it is Islam they are lair they just want to show bad image of Islam cause we even not allowed to force any one to accept is Islam. Islam is for those who accept it with there heart and sole not by words. :)