• TM is not always right and often Tries to influence people by adding his Thought in along with Islamic Facts & references

    so here i am trying to prove to people to do your own research before taking Tm's word for anything

    TM misinforms a user

    TM Mocks My response

    Factual Proof, reference From the Quran ~ ME

    TM's trying to justify having 1 Wife

    TM resorts to name-calling and tries to change topic

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  • For those who dont understand arabic u can translate . https://fiqh.islamonline.net/تعدد-الزوجات-واجب-أم-سنة؟/

  • TM Is very Big-headed and Ignorant

    How can you Be so ignorant

    It is not Very Muslim Like to preach it and then try to go astray

    Please do not be a hypocrite TM, try to better yourself and be more open and humble when you are wrong and are corrected thank the person for he has educated you instead of belittling them.

  • Dar Al Iftaa: The principle in Islamic law is monogamous marriage, not polygamy
    Loay Ali wrote
    Monday, November 29, 2021 07:13 PM
    Dar Al Iftaa affirmed that it is known that Islam did not bring polygamy, but rather came to limit it. As it was common in the Jahiliyyah, the man married as many women as he wanted without being restricted to a certain number, and it is known that there was no mention in the Qur’an or the Sunnah that indicates that whoever marries one woman must marry another.

    And she continued: Rather, it is permissible for a man to marry again, contrary to the original, when needed. Because of its benefits, polygamy is not intended for itself; Therefore, the public stipulated that it is desirable to confine one wife when there is fear of injustice in the increase based on it. for the words of God Almighty: {And if you fear that you will not do justice, then do one thing} [Al-Nisa: 3], as well as in the matter of the wife from whom the man gave birth to offspring; For the act of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family. The basic principle in Islamic law is monogamous marriage, not polygamy.

  • Can I voice my opinion? if so, having multiple wives in Islam is not frowned upon nor is it not - not permissible. But, its often times being used inappropriately where most men justify their actions of marrying multiple women that of Prophet Muhammed. When the Prophet himself used to have multiple wives for the sole purpose of giving them a home, a name, and respect. and also for relations. He only truly loved ONE wife and one wife only of his, who is Khadija. In this day and age, many misuses this Islamic rule for their own enjoyment when it is anything but.

    Then ALLAH knows best.

  • 4 pair of booba will give you more supply of milk than 1 actually

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  • @Barzakh oh i'm fine with having one wife, that is my preference

  • I guess some people just prefer to argue rather than just discuss a topic. Why can't yall learn to read an opinion and state whether you share it or not (and why...) without quarreling? XD

  • @Peek_A_Boo To be fair, nobody is always right.

    Also: marry only one wife.

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  • @Lake-Bodom idiot reply to a serious post. Grow up kid.

  • @DaNii Are you trying to start an argument??

  • @TM Bro, you said that your religion isn't even Islam before??