UPDATE: my best friend rubbed my leg

  • okay so i went to the same friend's house with the same guy who rubbed my leg last time.. this time he started rubbing my crotch and squeezing it?? He's the one who says he has a girlfriend too. So after all that happened, I texted him when I got home, I was like "I thought you had a girlfriend" and he was like "I do why" and I said "because you literally kept grabbing my crotch the whole time" kid you not this nigga was like "I didn't realize sorry" I DON'T BELIEVE HIM! Tell me if you believed him, because the way he was touching me, he looked like he knew what he was doing, but then again, I told him it's fine I just wanted to know why, and I told him to do whatever he wants. Because I hate my life, so let your best friend touch you lol I want to kms

  • funniest story I've heard in a while😂😂