• I have a very hard time letting go of the past and becoming an adult.. I'm still kinda pulled back by my past, is there anyone else who's feeling this way? Any advice that one can give? :/

  • I'm in the same ship as you and no I don't know how to let go of the past.i wish I knew..

    but one way I try is to reimagine that situation and do all the things I didn't do or did wrong correctly or to change that situation to something better in my mind with a more favourable outcome for myselves so that I can let it go and move on.

  • Gamers

    Sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves, can't we? Don't forget your past is not where you live. I am learning mindfulness, maybe you might enjoy it to? It calms the thoughts down

  • "Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past." - George Orwell. who learn from mistake makes the future brighter, who avoid mistake must be learned from mistakes.