• Hello dear readers, i have decided it is best i inform you on the break i am taking. Don't feel bad please and don't leave either, please i will do my best to be back soon, i just need sometime back in the real world ❤ .

    TO U:
    @AllenPaul thank you for been among the first and last people to talk to me when i come 🙂
    @Ava thanks for reminding me i am just a new-bie
    @Aaron 1 forgive me if i have hurt you, i do hope you make more and more friends!
    @Alissa i love you gurl<3 please take care of you/yours and Ale ❤
    @Alejandro I am so happy to know u, take care of our 'dear alis'!
    @Ana 2 thx for following me back, i will talk more when i return
    @Bab, i love u soooo much, u are truly my friend and i hope u find a new girl, soon 😉
    @ema i want to know u more (when i return ofc) 😉
    @ghomsi thank u, thank u, thank u for that toast idea i luv it ❤
    @ihateuall I LOVE YOU & know you don't hate everyone, tc!
    @idkguy1234 i will talk to u when i get back, please have fun though ❤
    @lukisss04 you are an inspiration, don't you ever forget that 😉 💚
    @Janet ur super iconic 🎇💖
    @Jodie hope you enjoy work and have a great weekend
    @lily16 i am never getting over your profile pic cute💞!!!
    @LUFFY i luv u luf luf please take care and have fun!!!
    @Martin i trust you with my life martty (really!), have fun at work and i will talk to you soon!
    @Mark i hope your okay and well 🙂 ❤
    @mrjohn11 bro, i think your gonna be an Author one day ♥
    @niom thanks for talking with me lol*
    @Rupin thanks for being the one who stopped me from leaving here on day one, you are my first friend here and i am so honored to know U ❤ Regardless of what/who you want to be i just hope one day you come back to your true self!
    @Thomas i am very sorry, i haven't disappeared, i will be back, take care, you are one of a kind 😉
    @Velcro ( i am sorry if i murdered your name 😞 ), i hope life has turned around for you and you are happier 🙂
    @yukiii tc of bab, please?

    TO ALL:
    @STRANGERS welcome!!! i hope you find what you came for!
    @SOMEONES welcome!!! you are truly unique (regardless of your name), there is no one alive who is like you ❤
    @myfollowers i love u so so so so so so so muchhhhh ❤
    @ANYONE ELSE I FORGOT please forgive me and i wish you all the best here and in your life

    i am truly honored to be here and will continue to be, thank you everyone, i will see all of you soon, don't worry about me i am not that important i am just a person with u on your journey in life ❤, take care of yourself!

    by333 💙, xoxo L I S a 💘


  • @lisamini bye Lisa hope i see you again and take care of yourself

  • Bye Lisa, have a wonderful break.

  • Live Chat Regulars Music Lovers Gamers Inspired By Love

    @lisAMini god damm girl 😅this sounded like something bad has happened to u....although i kinda know the real reason ..but yeah will talk when you return safe journey 2 ya..cya soon😎

  • Live Chat Regulars Music Lovers Gamers Inspired By Love

    @tm there people just say hi and leave ...you old guys have made quite a good presence and friend circle there so yeah you know its different for us

  • Bye, and thank you for the welcome<3 Have a nice time back ine the real world! We'll miss you XOXO

  • This post is deleted!

  • What's wrong with u

  • Why almost all the users you mentioned don't come to public chat ???

  • Who is yukii l, Lisa?

  • OMG! i almost forgot, please let those who are only on the Public Chat/Lounge know, so instead of being concerned they are informed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • @laurathebejbe nothing i just needed a break!

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