Looking to meet new people to talk with all over the world. I am from Australia and am 35 Male

  • I would love to make some friends to just chat with about whats happening in their lives around the world ect. I haven't done this thing since I was a kid meaning in my teens! Anyway things here in Australia are pretty bad with the division much like else where I guess. Would really just like to find some cool people to connect with. I used to be an electrician and worked in two of the most advanced factories in the country here in Aust. Was great but really took its tool on my social life as well as my work life in general I guess. The work life was the worst to be honest, because you are classed as "skilled" because of what you were hired for, when you gave people prop ups for doing a great job or even saying great idea, it was like a bad thing. Either way I wouldn't change it for the world, it may come in handy someday I guess. This is a genuine, I would love to meet people from all over, especially those with great experiences to talk about.

    Cheers from Australia!

  • @protaper87 well Mr Aussie nice to read you post, but I am really not interested about stress and negativity about your job also not special very common complain of every comman man who work for some organisation.. so same same but different....
    Words make only sense for a particular moment .. nonsense also make sense its nonsense.. sometime better to agree for disagreement.. anyway have a wonderful day hope I hear from you

  • Whay you like to talk about ?? Attachments detachments, feelings situation what is it ?? .. so I have lot of experience in my life.. and all I learnt to accept as it is without like and dislikes .. so know to deal the situation without hurting my surroundings ..

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