• What makes you feel unstoppable? Why do you think you feel that way?

  • The one thing that makes me feel unstoppable is the fact that i can't manipulate feelings of others to what i want. it was a charm i picked up from my great grandmother. but i fear it, and on that note i hate using it.

  • @Caroline0-0ash Because I know a fact that good things takes time . A diamond isn't formed in a day , it takes years and years of exposure to tremendous pressure and temperature so a dream life you want won't be formed in a day, it would take lot's of sacrifices and strong will power . Another fact is you would notice that no matter how successful you get , you would still have people criticising you , so don't focus on negative people and negative criticism and achieve what you want , afterall it is just a single life and why waste your attention on negative people 🙂

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