Last new year 2020

  • Friends, hello! I would like to prepare for the New Year's mood 2021, let's merge each other. Let's share your impressions of the last New Year's Eve celebration of 2020, write what fun curiosities happened in you. Maybe you Santa Claus presented something unusually last 2020!

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  • Hey! A cool idea) I had a very romantic last new year, my friend made me an extraordinary surprise.
    From Santa Claus I got an extraordinary jar with the best memories made by your own hands. On small sheets of paper, the most pleasant memories of my life were recorded. Small nicknames were beatenly twisted and folded in a beautiful jar. The impression of the gift was excellent, every note returned to experienced events. I was very grateful for the gift.

  • Last year I got an incredibly pleasant gift from my beloved girl. Just on the eve of Christmas holidays, I had debts on philosophy. But it so happened that with writing the writing I was postponed, before the defense I met a beautiful girl, we began to spend time together and I completely forgot about learning.
    When the time was approaching to protection, I began to worry that I would have problems with defense at the university. When I told my girlfriend, what is forced to cut our meetings for a while, she was very upset. I told her the reasons for separation, so that she was not worried.
    After a couple of days, we met her and she surprised me, and offered me an unusual gift. It was a certificate in , I could order my essay and thereby, time to prepare will be reduced to the minimum. She surprised me very much. This is not an ordinary gift for the benefit of love. We now love each other and prepare for the birth of the holiday.

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