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    So can some of u know I make video games in my free time. And I haven't finished any one of it. Yeah not a single one 😩 .
    There r many youtube videos of game making tutorials but they r just to get started cleaning basics.
    I just figured out a problem or a skill I lack, which is visualizing the map. I have made controllable cars, characters. But I failed to make and visualize maps for them. Which is a big part of the game.

    Look at this awful plain surface. -_- .
    That race car is fully functional but runs only in this stupid plain surface.
    So if u r gamer or good at visualizing. Feel free to suggest me same maps. And if by any chance this game made in to public platform.... idk play it by yourself then.
    p.s. if few people shows interest in this topic. I have few more unfinished games (basically just movable characters on a plain surface), which would be good if they have good maps also I didn't made that car from scratch I just took it from a free 3d model site, https://kenney.nl/assets?q=3d check this if u r into 3d models

  • The map depends on the game genre. If you want to make a racing game you can always go with a circuit in various conditions like forest, city, offroad.
    Try to play a game after which you want to resemble your game. You can start creating basic things, like streets, trees, buildings

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