anyone to talk about nothing?

  • dono triping looking for compannioon

  • Hi.. Are you from Poland?

  • @Daniel-Niewazne ok nothing is something so we can talk about something about nothing i guess ??

  • yes, text me anybody

  • Nonsense @knownsense

    I sense that you know that none of us can ever know "nothing" to be something that can be sensibly known.

    Otherwise go ahead and try out your hypothesis that we can say something about nothing. I'm game. Let's talk.

    • Tell me, is nothing nothing less than no...things?
      • As in a possible thing,
      • probably two or more things,
      • maybe many things,
      • perhaps even everything -
      • but all those things simultaneously being absent and devoid of anything?

    Ah, but then it's no longer a "thing" we can point to, conceptually, conversationally, or literally. It's nothing short of pure negation. Nothing more than absolute annihilation. Nothing else, except a gaping empty and vacuous hole in our understanding.

    How then can it be known or made sense of @knownsense?

    Oh, and here's another thing! Or as Steve Jobs would say "One More Thing!!" And trust me, this is THE most important thing to remember... Nothing that I've just said should be taken too seriously ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ