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  • Do not worry child, I am totally not a Colonial General about to colonize your land for the next 200 years.

    (A 'spice trade' would be appreciated though)

  • @icewheat

    I’m such a bastard online. Internet is where I allow myself to be a vile son of a bitch, I spend every day all day being polite and kind to people, this is my outlet to be a prick and so be it. :angry_face_with_horns:

    or at least that's what i wanted to be ...

    I remember making some fake accounts and getting ready to act a dick,

    but then people acted nice to me and wanted to be friends, so now I am forced to act nice even in my fake accounts .

    Foiled before I even started !! anry

    In real life, I'm a functional adult, with hobbies, skills, fulfilling personal relationships, and capability to carry on a coherent conversation and do it all quite well , whereas on here I happily just watch somewhat creepily and stalk . :laughing:

  • @Warren-Hastings well ig original warren hastings might disapprove

    u already have three ids so I already know the real answer oogway 007

  • Banned


    Yeet the child

    "Cover has been blown"

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ tws gay club but no homo

    I try to be as I'm irl. But it's sometime hard to represent ourselves just by words one who is like me. I can clearly sees when people did get my intentions behind words. Sometimes I try to explain it sometimes I let it be.
    I believe I'm different guy for different people. Coz they know only part about me nobody knows me as whole on internet. Only me and few irl know me as whole.
    P.s. few doesn't include my family 😂 rn maybe nobody but me know myself whole. Or maybe nobody. I'm mystery for myself too. Coz I surprised myself in past. I believe that people change continuously. My pastself is complete different person.

  • @Jumper-Cable-Guy ooooh that's an in-depth answer,
    I really appreciate your honesty about being mean, but I see peeps changed u? that's so wholesome

    looking at the cute gif I can't imagine you'd ever be offensive tho xD
    also kudos to managing real life n your time here! it's important ~

  • @icewheat In all honesty I am pretty much the same online and offline. One thing tho... I do swear a lot more IRL than online lol

  • @AXES "Man is least himself when he speaks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."
    -Oscar Wilde

    hehe that means you're a good person !!

    thumbs up

  • Music Lovers Animal Lovers Live Chat Regulars Gamers

    @Janet wait wait,, soooo,, um.. you still naked in person.. yeah.. umm.. heading for mc donalds,, yes 1 burger and fries, and stop looking at me there, neck up bro?

  • @Sasuke33 studies have shown intelligent people swear and also it makes you physically stronger. Watch the History of Swear words on netflix its funny

  • @Sasuke33 Yes , I believe we need to maintain a balanced attitude in life .

    Good but not so good , people will take advantage of you - to at least be a decent person if not a good person . (A decent person is someone who minimizes harm to others while a good person actively assists others.)

    Bad but not so bad , that Hitler will congratulate you - to at least have ambition and enough greed to better yourself even if it means someone else wont get that position.

    Problem was I wasn't living a balanced life .

    Honestly it wasnt even about being mean . It was about breaking the mould . About venting .

    I live in a world of rules , politeness and cordiality . Societal rules & surrounding can be suffocating.

    IRL you have to consider your facial expression ,your tone , your body language . Its a constant barrage of considerations .

    Online, I can get my thoughts out much clearer when I write, I can delete, and edit. I can sit on a comment for a while and think "Hmm, is that really what I mean?" .

    Its about the freedom of expression and freedom of expressing .

    In real life, I don't just jump into on going conversations that complete strangers are having, and start voicing my views on stuff that I may not even know nothing about.

    Online I can be Sith Lord. In real life im just a polite smiling happy go lucky friend of all .

    At first I was overcompensating for my politeness IRL by being somewhat mean online . But now I have found a happy balance


    I might not be out there being Mother Teresa in the wider world, but at least now I bring genuine happiness in my small circle .

    Happiness shared is happiness doubled !

  • @icewheat said in I'm really curious about this:

    @AXES I'd never xD I love cats!!
    meows are majestic

    alt text

  • @007ㅤ staaph callin me child 🙄 old man

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ tws gay club but no homo

    U surely faking yourself 🤣

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ tws gay club but no homo

    So initially u use internet as ur punching bag. N now cause people being nice to u, u be polite to them. Is it like u r maintaining multiple personalities of u? Or u be polite as u r irl?

  • @Sasuke33 This is so true!
    It's sometimes hard to explain people about my tone in messages, but if someone truly knows me, they know how I'm saying it hehe

    oh that's something I kinda relate to, about family not exactly knowing everything about us. well we can't use slang, for starters.. etc etc

    but I can say one thing for sure, your personality is very sweet n kind hearted 🌸

    that video is so insightful.

  • Music Lovers Animal Lovers Live Chat Regulars Gamers

    @icewheat Wow, Heavy question. I have several masks I wear, one for Stage playing in a band, another for professional day job, and another for teaching. But the true person I am, is who I am on TWS strange enough.. I really care about my friends here, and also the ones I socialize with, and I can be myself to them. I feel lucky to have met so many good people on TWS, and I can be who I really am with them.

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ tws gay club but no homo

    @AXES woah. That's a lot personalities for one person. XD but yeah I can understand we can't behave same for everyone. That's what monks do.

  • @AXES

    managing yourself on so many levels.. first of all..
    that's really tough axes! I don't believe they're masks, it's just what you're supposed to do / be

    I think personally, if I balanced so many things on my plate, I'd be emotionally exhausted and might not have the energy to be as kind and polite as u are, on here. I might have been cranky :0

    so that alone is a big thing.. <3 please treat yourself to something good, u deserve it axes!

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