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    Terry A Davis 1969-2018, A Schizophrenic programmer who said God told him to make a operating system : Temple Os.he made a whole operating system under 2.1 Mb. That operating system had

    A boot loader
    A operating system
    A complier
    A language
    A window manager
    A 3D graphics lib
    Flight sim
    Multiple CLIs

    Under 2.1 Megabytes
    I will buy that he was smartest programmer ever lived.

    His Operating system consist Bible verses, you can talk with God, you can play a chess match against God~ he said he was able to talk to God.

    Because of schizophrenia he somehow started acting like racist, he used to say "Cia people glow in dark"& they wanted to kill him. Once he also won a

    match against god.
    I don't think you people Will believe or not he also predicted The
    in 2016. Later his mental health started degrading and got arrested many times for arguing with his parents. He used to stream from laptop and fix bugs in his van, later a divine soul ended up homeless.later he suddenly disappeared and in 2018, his uncle told on a Facebook post that he died, he was struck by a train and died at the age of 48. Investigators could not determine whether his death was suicide or accidental. No one knows what happened to him, I believe he really was the best and smartest programmer ever lived, his life was a tragedy : (

    I tried to make this post short as I could, so I didn't mentioned many things, they are more sad : (

    Please ignore spelling mistakes, I don't know if anyone cares about this or not, but I just find it fascinating and wanted to share

    What you people think about his life?

  • the chaddest of all chad , when sigma and alpha traits combine , rip Davis

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    @LakeBodom he had chad physique tho😂

  • my mom has the same disorder and its fuck bad I'm kinda impressed by him

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    @broken-soul I'm really sorry for your mom,how she's doing nowadays?

  • she left us when I was 4

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    @broken-soul sorry for your loss man.

  • Newuser, wow that is so sad, and not remembered.. Glad you did bro. There is a movie, about a famous piano player, that had mental issues, and went unnoticed. "SHINE (1996)" It really shows how some great minds, never is heard or seen, but did exist. You did him justice bro.

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    @AXES I definitely will try to find the movie and have a look. Thanks for the upvote brother.I'm just trying to keep the legacy alive

  • no bro.. you again, also educating us so we can learn from our past, and make it a better world.. it is called respect.

  • @newuser Watching his mental health slowly decline over the course of several years was a very sad thing to see, especially considering what a gifted human he truly was.