Can anyone tell me the difference between a country and a nation?

  • I invite all the literate people to speak about it and think about it?

  • @Aman321 A country is necessarily a geopolitically defined separate entity with sovereignty(even if in name only) whereas a nation often means a group of people who share a lot in common mainly in terms of ethnicity, heritage and ancestry but also often in terms of religion, state, country, political ideals and shared values.

  • bhai country aur nation un cheezon main sy hain jin sy emotions jury hoty hain like agar koi dusri country ka person ya group us ki country ko bura bolta hai ya hate karta hai to us ky mind main hate karny waly aur us ki country ky khilaf negative emotions trigred hoon gy like anger , sadness etc.... even he dont know about him ...