• I've been working on a lot of industrial/horror rap. None of it is currently posted, but I do have a song I can share I've made with a really good friend of mine. I'm finding it a bit difficult to get the flow proper on my own beats, maybe I can share some with someone and they can show me what they would do lyrics-wise. I have an album's worth of my own beats and lyrics produced, trying to find time to release my album hopefully before 2022.
    My artist name is Tomb Eleven, and I don't think my buddy (Evan) has chosen a music handle. This song is based on In Walls Of Eryx by H.P. Lovecraft. The first verse and chorus are done by me, the beat and other verse done by my buddy. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I have a wide index of other beats I've made myself which is greatly different than that on this song I can send samples of.