• I had called to Malaysia Embassy but they cant me instead of advised me when departing turn in to Vietnam Immigration to pay the fine of the extended stay. If anyone can help sponsor my flight tickets, I would much appreciate it. I will pay back when I get back to Malaysia get a job. Please email me if anyone willing to help me with it, I will explain more details on it. [email protected].

  • Wow! Such skill!

  • @DvdProMax69 not skill is a fact. any way can forget it now. No flights at all.. :face_with_tears_of_joy:

  • @James-Tee So, their commercial passenger flights continue to be banned due to covid, once again? That's good for you, in this case you don't need to extend anything. Your status remains the same until end of the covid crisis is declared. It means you are not illegal and you need nothing to pay. In the meantime, find any job, try to look for your vietnamese wife, talk to her in a calm and business-like manner. Or, simply report her crime to the police.

  • @kaia_ thanks for your advice. Nothing I can do at all. Because the stupid mistake I did was thought to avoid Vietnam legal department looking for a foreigner to own a company so my Vietnamese was wife legally owns all the businesses even my saving. When the person turns back on you there was nothing much you can ask for. This is the story don't fully trust in someone even a wife or husband. When you having a good time there a lot of friends beside you but when things go wrong you will get to know they will only use you. Although still have one or two will really help you but when you get to know they didn't have extra money to help with, you will be shameless to ask them for help.

  • Banned

    So your vietnamese wife fucked you up? That's why you don't simply just married a vietnamese n stays there. Now you are a homeless. Good moves.

  • Just find a fkin job man. Vietnam dont lack jobs, where are u right now in Vietnam in fact?

  • @DvdProMax69 I have been trying to look for a job for the past 3 months. I living in Vietnam Binh Duong Province.

  • @James-Tee i used to live in Binh Duonh so im pretty sure that normal “lowly” job like clerk in stores and super market, waiter in coffe shops and lunch sellers aint that hard to find. Start with those and try ur luck elsewhere later, like english teaching through agency and middle man-center... U could also save up and open a small street food stand (car vendor), or just barge in any offical building near there, and kind-hearted Vietnamese officers may give u jobs and valuable advices real quick (not kidding).
    I used to do cashier at Co-op mart in Thủ Dầu Một, near bến xe miền Tây, i remember there are a lot of waiter job available in those uncountable stalls on 3/2 street. Oh yeah, and if u have laptop and know a lil bit of Vietnamese u can even do tempo-jobs found online which is very profitable and easy.
    Download an translation app and start learning Vietnamese, u will be fluent in no time trust me (only if u go outside and live properly)