• @Vlad_21 (σ°∀°)σ..:*☆

  • @AliceBoo I guess you didn't read the whole thing, you don't wanna travel alone anywhere, because of the secks cults that may exist(I'm not gonna say the s*x word so I replaced it with secks, which sound like some really awful socks). I'm also narrow minded. Also todays sponsor is RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS, I've never been much of a mobile gamer, but, forget everything you think you know about mobile games because Raid Shadow Legends is one of the most ambitious RPG projects of 2019 has just been released and will change everything. Just look at the level of detail of these characters! If you use the code in the description you can start with 50,000 silver and join the Special Launch Tournament, and you better hurry because it's getting big fast! Join my guild that I've made in the game you can find it when you search GOOSEGODS on the guild searching tab . Just look down in the description and use the code AIUFHSIUF2391, I hope to see you there, guys and gals.

  • @AliceBoo Oh, so you don't know the joke that is RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS, it's an overused sponsor on videos and honestly it's a really really bad game.

  • @AliceBoo It's not an advertisement that's targeted towards people, it's a sponsor, that means anyone you watch can start talking about RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS, ads and sponsors are entirely different, sponsors don't target someone who doesn't play any mobile games, they give money to a creator you watch to advertise their game to their audience.

  • @AliceBoo What does rarely playing games have anything to do with sponsors, sponsors like Manscaped, Dashlane, Hello Fresh, NordVPN and such exist, so it's not like sponsors are limited to games.

  • @ĞÖÖŠÍÄĤ well then, sorry for being dumb xD

  • @AliceBoo It's aight, and I'm sure you've never realized it by now, but I'm actually Walter(Wow, I'm throwing references you've never heard of before) and I like fire trucks and moster trucks(another reference).

  • @OLIAG That is true though, being dumb has to do with how addicted you are to games, and what games you even play, cuz if you play board games, your intellect will skyrocket to higher levels, like if you can play Monopoly and win basically every time, you are a genius.

  • @AliceBoo But do you play 10000000000000 IQ games like Spy Muppets: License to Croak?

  • @AliceBoo There is no obsession, only the highest of games will be allowed in my stomach(No, I don't eat them, I do not eat games, this is not true, don't believe it, pls) Also, I'm never serious, so you can't trust me.

  • @SleepyFox LOL

  • @SleepyFox what does it have to do with bollywood xD

  • @Moonblazer yea, could be due to the tranditional restrictions, which makes them curious

  • Yes it has to do with our culture. The laws, people and society as a whole shrugs at the thought of sex, sexual freedom and has huge toxicity towards women and minorities.

    The reasons for the above are mostly due to low income and rising tensions. Poor folks can't think out of the box as easily as opulent people can, and when entire generations are conditioned into doing engineering just to make money but even then they face rising unemployments, you can see the building frustation.

    There's a lot more to it but this is the bare basic problem, and i do not see it changing drastically in the near future since Governments are built by these sorry folks, ultimately deciding on laws which prohibit things like sex toys, pornography etc. and then wonder why the rising sexual tensions are leading to mounting rape cases and the like.

    PS: The Gov. isn't really dumb, the people who aren't on the political side are some of the world's wisest folks who are structuring the Gov. for the world's largest and the most complex democracy. But they are a minority and you know how Indians treat any minority.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @AliceBoo Indians are pinnacle of patriotism
    and 💩

  • Yes I'm Indian and should say Indian males are a frustrated lot. Indian traditions and culture forbids relationships and that's the reason it is the Rape Capital of the World.

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