• the kind of girl i want is one that will be my best friend first before anything. one that will fight for me as i would her. one that will look at me one day and smile and say she wants to just drive somewhere that day, anywhere, just for the hell of it. one that will cuddle with me as we watch Hallmark movies together. one that lets me partake in her hopes and dreams and she the same for me. one that beleives we share all we can. so if i am shopping, i am doing it with her because we both eat together. that is not just a "womans job". i also will help her cook and we both do dishes too. we dont find it silly to jump in a pile of leaves together on an autumn afternoon sniling at each other while the world thinks we are crazy or teenage like. we can cry with each other when we see a wrong done that hurts us or we feel something in a song. and lastly, we also realizes respect is important so we always will give each other time and space when needed

    then i realized this is just a dream and a hope. this will never happen

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