'thoughtful questions' on rando chat

  • Went for a spin on rando chat and was met with someone other than a horny pensioner! Name was thoughtful questions, I went with potatoed like my profile.

    Just came on here to talk shite,not trade sexy pics. Chat went from potatoes to graverobbing to criminalising the English to French to Irish to daddy issues to the relationship between kidney and beans. Am a tad mentally challenged, they kept up with my nonsense. Completely get it just being 20 ish mins of madness and them not wanting to talk after, but just want to thank the lad/lass if anything for just being a decent chat partner.

    Have a hunch they were also from the UK can't confirm.

  • Managed to catch them in chat again but accidentally left in the middle of a dead interesting part. Sharing stuff about his career in marine biology, mentioned someone he met on rando chat called 'Fiona' that was like me.... ring any bells? Used to live in England. you're a sound geezer and want to give you a virtual pat on the back!

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