• So I made a rap about my haters. I want honestly opinions. Not I don't plan on being a rapper . 😂 I just did for fun..


    Why Are You Picking On Me Cause You Got No Life ..Stop Being Uptight With Balls Hung Out Of Sight That Makes You A Hating Transvestite. Its Okay I Got You In My Sight.. I Fire In Your Direction And Kill You Like A Malfunction..You Seem Like To Be The Center Of Attention.. Like Wide Spread Infection..It Will Come A Little Closer And Don't Mistake My Looks And Think I Lack Any Aggression..I Will Be Both Your Expectation Of Death And Your Reason For Being Dead... You Got A Lot Of Balls But All You Do Is Whisper In The Dark Typing Behind A Keyboard.. You Are The Same Loud Mouth Fool I Will Have Outlined In Chalk. Bust Those Caps Lock Just For You Sound Big And Bad But Yet Your Head Still Attached To Your Shoulders ..It's Like The Older You Get The More Narrow Your Mindset Is But It's Okay You're Like An Undeveloped Fetus..Fragile In Physical Form And Transparent coward In Your Actions..You Live Your Life Like A Defeatist You Are Not Worth Anything.. Not A Bullet In The Gun Not Even This Insulting Rhyme But I Still Give You One. Your Life Is Worthless And I Know This But Yet You Wanted Diss Me Just So You Can Be Noticed ..Bite Off Of Each Other's Method Your Mother Is Better Off Taking Contraceptive Then Me Having To Tolerate The Bulshit That You're Telling .. If Your Teeth Still In Your Face You Lucky I Didn't Splatter Your Brain Allover Place..