Should gay and lesbian be legalized?

  • What are your thoughts based on your background in your country in your religion?

  • Gamers

    In my country not only is it legal, but they can get married too.

  • ofcourse be who you can be just dont hurt no one :D

    one love hell yeah


  • It's people's choice, I have nothing against as long as it isn't promoted as being good/the right way. But LGBT parades are totally wrong.

  • its illegal in my country and shame, gays its too hard to show thm selves, even if they do they will be mocked and everyone might try to be far from gays

  • Yes! First of all, I understand God said marriage is between a woman and a man! I understand that maybe God doesn't acknowledge same-sex marriages ...and that's fine! Well, I mean, He is God so guess it'll Have to be fine lol but I believe as far as marriage Here...on Earth ....can be between Any two people who are in love!! Even if I were to personally believe marriage is Only between a man and a woman, it wouldn't mean that I should feel as if My belief, and Only My belief, is the only right way and that I should force my beliefs on everyone!! We all should have the right to choose! If you're're gay ....wooptie doo ...whatever floats ya boat lol ...and I'm happy for you that you're happy!! Like I said, I get it that maybe in God's eyes the marriage may not be considered "marriage" ....but let people LIVE LIFE!!! ...while we're Here on Earth!!! Also, who are we to judge anyways?!? We have absolutely No right to step in and on people's lives like that! Well, if we're wanting to judge or butt-in, I'm pretty sure we have more important things we could intervene in such as abusive relationships, rape, child molestation, child neglect/abuse, etc.! We have plenty other things going on ...but yet we try to play God and deny two people in love of being completely happy!?! This is not Heaven! This world is so very beyond perfect!! Besides, its not Me anyways! Why should I worry about other people and their own lives?!?? I've got plenty about my own self to worry about! ;) lol 💚LIVE LIFE AND LET LIVE!💛