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    Pure love has nothing to do with sex or sex terminology. It's universal, wanting the best for another, can be between young and old, male and female, throwing 'sexual' into it diminishes its importance and real character, which is selflessness.

  • @test_account So the love itself is asexual not bi/pan(if we want to use the terminology lol)

  • if you are asking of pure love, it doesn't exist here in this world..be it between man and a woman or man and man or woman and woman. Love is not bounded by sexes, but before that you must know what pure love looks like and where do we see it? so, pure love is selfless and unmotivated by any personal selfish desires. what we see about so called "love" in today's world is merely few millimeter deep, because skin is in mm. we don't see a person running after an ugly or fat girl, even though she might be perfect in all of her attributes. people are after slim, crisp bodily features. moreover, they are basically after their selfish desires( which is lust) and once they have enjoyed the that person, the lust sets off and the people starts to realize incompatibility with their partners..that's why they end up in separation! the idea of "love" in the begining is motivated by looks(lust) which covers one's intelligence and the person is not able to think right..even though he might say the opposite. people are often together for what they can get from others and not because of what they can give. pure love is selfless, not depended on sexes, or looks. In this whole world this selfless love you will find only between a mother and her newly born child. whatever the mother does is selfless, all she cares about is her little infant. she voluntarily accepts discomfort for her child and all her activities are meant for her child's satisfaction. That's what love is. this same idea of love can be extended to each and every living beings. This pure love has one aspect though- "compassion". just like fire is hot, sugar is sweet, similarly, this pure love when expressed, comes out as "compassion" not that you try to rub your genitals with some person and call it to be love.. that's pure lust! so, to answer your question whether it is bisexual.. well, it is beyond that and can be extended to other living entities.. which is expressed as compassion and desire to serve selflessly for the satisfaction/happiness of the object of our love. so, what you feel normally is Lust.. we call it to be love because that's how our modernism has propagated it( in a perverted fashion). hope this helps.

  • @test_account I only made this post because "sexuality is unrelated to love" & "love should only occur between certain sexuality" seemed hypocrtical at face value & it just goes to show how hypocrisy can be generated by a sidewinding correlation between variables without knowledge of a central link.

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    Love is a strong word that you cant describe. Love is wanting the bests for someone else rather than your self . And be willing to go through hard things and preventing your person from going through them. It doesnt have any sex connected to it

  • It's not! Because how can you feel love if your gay? Lol

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    @Allison if we're talking about true, selfless, sacrificial love, like a Christian love, it's completely independent of romantic, erotic, whatever other inclinations, so yes Lolz

  • @test_account I should perhaps read into this before delving further in a 100 page forum post of questions(as i was raised away from religion). It's taken my interest recently.

    It seems like a healthy roadmap of prioritization etc.

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    Bisexual love is pure and it is as real as that of the gays, lesbians and others.
    Sex appeal might play a dominant role when it comes to bisexual love. If an emotional and mental connection is the reason that makes other relations successful, the same exists in the case of bisexual love.
    Trusts and secrecy is the crux of any relationship and when coupled with love makes life beautiful.

  • @An-Evil-Clown excuse me?

  • @test_account It's still interesting that love is brought about in Christianity(when traditionally rejecting homosexuality) through bodily lust(which is also rejected?)?

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    @Allison in my religion it's not a question of whether or not the people love each other or whatever. From a Catholic perspective, the two-fold goal of marriage is mutual love and the raising of children, or at least having the capacity to do so (i.e. a male and a female)

    The belief is that pursuit of passions and lust outside of a normal appetite and application, like a traditional marriage, is not a good thing. This is why they also don't approve of pornography, prostitution, etc. It's seen as a 'disordered appetite' which should be kept in check through self-control. 😛

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  • @Abhay_ It's real feeling but is not permissible sin according to Christianity it seems(natural lust is excused due to the goal of life). Relationships aren't deemed "successful" if they're for pleasure/ desire at any level only apparently ? At least that's what I got from test's statements.

  • @An-Evil-Clown love has nothing to do with sex. it's bodily attraction!! we confuse that with love. gay or not gay, that's not the point.

  • Love doesn't do that hmm hmm

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    Life-giving is important then & supercedes preference(should determine it) & converts lust into passion(if principled).

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    @Allison It is important, and gives a reason for passion which results in a good thing, as opposed to pursuing passion for passions' sake. And yes the idea is to control and turn the lust, which is passion taken to a blind extreme, and self-control it into a good thing. 😄

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    @Allison looks like you have a good start. Lemme know if you wanna continue discussing, not that my two cents are going to help a ton but hey you never know 😄

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