Can you learn to be passionate about someone if there's no chemistry at first?

  • If a couple like each other, have fun together, and basically have a good relationship, they shouldn't call it quits if everything is there but the sex. Chemistry can grow if you give yourself permission to learn about yourself as a sexual human being and to communicate your desires. That's probably better than falling for someone in a mad, passionate heat. Because when you realize you don't actually like each other, sex is the first thing to go. And then you have nothing.

    **What's your say on this?

  • I met this guy whom I found striking but after having a couple of conversations with him as friends, I realized that I couldn't flirt with him even when I wanted to. I guess you can learn to be passionate even if there is no chemistry at first because we ended up dating sometime later, but it took time and at first, it was very awkward and almost weird. Give it the time it needs, don't get bothered with the awkward slow progress and you'll get there.