Think About This!

  • When you choose to be right or to be kind, always choose to be kind. Because being kind is always right. ❤

  • @HarryUrie aside from that you never know you can friend real people too. It's worth to try tho, to socialise, but you have to put a limitation for yourself so you won't hurt that much when feel disappointed. 😄😃

  • I'm gonna be completely honest but this does not sound too logical cause I think about almost everything logically and to be kind doesn't change the fact that what's gonna happen is gonna happen so instead of letting a person live in a lie and at the end suffer it's better to let them suffer when you are with them so they might have someone to lean towards than having no one later.

    I could be wrong here and giving the completely wrong thoughts but that's what I think.

  • @riagan i didnt understand shit you said but it sounded smart so yea great advice fellow random internet enthusiast

  • Does trying to socialize with people that I don't know count as being kind or being right or being foolish or waste of time please tell

  • @HarryUrie Can you tell yourself that you are a good influencer to people whom you chat? Can you tell that you are giving a big impact to them and you learn from them as well? Can you figure out that you somehow help people by your words and somehow let them feel that they are not alone, that life is a challenge and they need someone to help them stand and fight the very best they can. Make them realise that it's okay not to be okey. And if your answer is yes then you are doing the right thing and you are just being kind. Your not wasting your time, you are just doing your job being a human. 😄

  • @HarryUrie if you're going out of your way to talk to strangers with the mindset of "oh, if i talk to this person it'll make me look good." then you're probably an asshole. but if you don't have any ulterior motives then talking to strangers is what you make of it. for example if you say something like "you look good today" or whatever (i don't socialize so i wouldn't know how one goes about talking to a stranger.) then i guess that's good? but if you're just talking to them about i dunno the weather then that's obviously not bad but it isn't necessarily a good thing either. it is what it is.

  • @DarkHorseDemon Well, yeah... Its okay Mr. 😀 you have your own thoughts regarding the statement, that would be perfectly fine though, I respect it very much.

    For me, being kind is not always what you or others think of. I don't want to be specific for this because kindness might be taken differently. Say for example if you want your love ones be safe all the time, you give all your efforts and the best thing that you could give, even if you think that at the end they will misinterpret it, hate you and never ever talk to you. You ignore your own feelings, bite you lower lip, and choose to do or say the things that you think is best.

    Yes, at the end, both of you get hurt towards each other but you'll get the point that you just chose the right one, hence you'll not feel any regret and even a single guilt for yourself and for that person. You just did what you should suppose to do, that's it, at least you just created the least damage than what you have ever predicted. 😀

  • @Highlighter i didn't understand what you said but what you said sounded very wholesome so yea thank you i guess

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