Erectile Dysfunction in a new Relationship.

  • Well, it has now been 7 months. I actually love my boyfriend. I can't believe I have been in a relationship with a man for this long and we have not had sex.

    Sometimes, I get frustrated because I want to have sex. He gets frustrated because he can't have sex and because when he attempts to satisfy me oral I don't cl*max.

    I know I'm too much in my head because I'm thinking and feeling sorry for him and not just enjoying the moment. I try to tell myself and him that we will get over this and because I so enjoy him that I am not going to allow sex to be an issue. However, I know that in the end it is going to affect us.

    He's been dealing with this for years and has lost a wife and girlfriends that couldn't cope. And I get it. So, while we have used the "L" word. I know that he isn't really trusting that this will last and that makes me so sad because he's a great guy.

    One good thing is he is open to discussion. Sat me down and we had a very informative conversation about exactly what was going on. About alternatives, about medications he's taken in the past. About side effects, etc. And a talk about this most likely will never be resolved. He's a talker and I that's one of the things I so love about him.

    I ask myself why am I allowing myself to fall for this guy. Why am I thinking of him more than me? Why am I setting us up for heartbreak?

    Wow. It's amazing I meet a guy who treats me like a queen and who I just want to love to death and we can't do it.

    But you know what, I also feel. I feel he probably wouldn't be with me if his penis worked. Why because although we get along so well; we are a very unlikely couple.

    I am 48; he is 56. I am black; he is white. He is right (wrong, lol); I am left (right).

    It's so weird we go out and people take so much notice of us. He is blonde, blue eyed, 6'2", fit, very handsome. I'm 5'10", fit, fine :) . I mentioned all that not to sound conceited but to point out that his friends and to the outside world it would look like we have it going on. He's said his friends are like you got the hot woman. Little do they know. SMH.

    Frustrating to say the least. Sorry, I'm all over the place

  • So are you both still together??

  • I've been broken, yeah, I know how it feels
    To be open and then find out your love isn't real
    I'm still hurting, yeah, I'm hurting inside
    I'm so scared to fall in love, but if it's you, then I'll try.

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