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  • This is highlighter and this is what I want to highlight!! 😁😁

    Blessed to see how far I navigate the site 'til now, however like any other platforms we can't deny the fact that their are countless people who are rude and pervert trying to defeat the good intention of the site. On the other hand, its you, yourself, to decide how to deal these people around here, remember that more than 3500 people who are using the site and you may landed to the wrong person. For me, pros and cons are always  there but very very glad to have encountered people who are decent, willing to share their stories, and most significantly they showed respect to people especially to a lady like me (which sometime unusual to happen as we are now in 21st century leaving behind the good morals and values we have). One thing that I would like to share and the reason why I spend some time in this site is the culture we have in my country which I'm very proud of, promote equality, express empathy to people, and give positive impact not just in one area but to the whole world. I have met people in different countries and so far they had shared a lot of things which I found unrealistic before. I have talked and chatted people in India 🇮🇳,  Serbia 🇷🇸, USA 🇺🇸, Europe, 🇫🇷, Ireland 🇮🇪, Pakistan 🇵🇰, South Africa, UK 🇬🇧, Indonesia 🇮🇩, and somewhere where a war was presently  existing when the time we chat (I don't know if he was bluffing since I unintentionally click the exit button) hence continue learning from them through questioning 😁.

    Furthermore, what worries me is the fact that their are individuals below 18, which is not a legal age, who are in this site. I salute to kids who have said that they don't engage such activities and they even added that they could manage and handle things responsively. But still, this worries me since we never know how wrong people bring toxin to every youngster's mind 😔.

    On general, Im thinking that this site helps us to allow tolerance as we discover that we are unique individuals thus, we can put ourselves onto others shoe. Aside from this, with the kind of situation we are facing in (Pandemic) I'm hoping that this site would contribute goodness to everyone who visits this, of course considering its true aim, that is to make friends and understand each other. 😀👌

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    @Highlighter you must be a careful observer. Not up to 24 hours in this site and you are able to highlight a lot of things

  • with or without this site the "youths" minds are already corrupted. if kids are gonna use the site then they're gonna use it. all there is to it.

  • mmmm have fun

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