Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir

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    Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir

    Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir is a computer-animated TV series for children made by French studios. It is based on two main characters, one of which is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She is a fictional character and also the protagonist of the TV Series. She is a French-Chinese teenage student. Her future goal is to become a fashion designer. The second character in this TV series is Adrien Agreste which is a fictional character. He is also a protagonist. He is a 14-year-old young French student. He has been homeschooled for most of his life.
    This TV show was first on aired in South Korea on 1 September 2015. After this, it was dubbed in English and on aired by Disney Channel on 8 April 2019.
    To know more about Cat Noir and its series and the games, TWS has answered the frequently asked questions.

    Does Chat Noir like Marinette?

    It is the biggest question that everyone asks. In season 3, Marinette was with Chat and confessed her feelings that she likes him. But why she did this? She did this because she didn't want Chat to chase Ladybug. After all, if Chat finds out she is Ladybug, there can be many problems. So, she lied to him for defending her other side.
    In the same episode, Chat visited Marinette House for dinner. It happened because Tom caught Marinette, confessing her feelings. So, Tom made this plan. But, when they were there, Chat said that he couldn't be with Marinette because he is in love with Ladybug. The Chat turned down the feelings of Marinette. Here comes the question. What if there would be no Ladybug and Marinette confessed her feeling to Chat? Is there any possibility that Chat would accept her if he is not into Ladybug?

    Adrien Has a Crush on Marinette

    Yes, Adrien has a crush on Marinette. It is because sometimes he feels nervous talking to Marinette. There is no doubt Adrien loves Ladybug, but Adrien also loves Marinette but may be less than Ladybug. In one episode, where Adrien and Marinette accidentally touch their hands, Adrien becomes nervous at that time.
    At one movement, where Chloe said that Nathaniel has a crush on Marinette, Adrien looked a little mad and jealous. Adrien sometimes flirts with Marinette, and in some scenes, he kisses her hands. So, what to say now?
    In another episode, Chloe was blaming Marinette for her fire drill joke. Adrien took the side of Marinette. So, this is also a golden point.
    There is no doubt Adrien like Marinette very much. But, he is not aware of his feelings. Just wait and watch what will happen when Adrien finds out Marinette is Ladybug?

    Does Marinette love Luka?

    Luka Couffaine is a character that appears in the 2nd season. Juleka Couffaine, the guitarist of Kitty Section, is his younger brother. He is a new student at College Francoise DuPont. He has gained the attention of Marinette. Marinette considers Luka a nice guy. But, she is not into him. When Bob Roth threatened Marinette in an episode for stealing the Kitty Section idea, Luka Couffaine turned into a super villain. This act shows that Luka is interested in Marinette, but now it depends on Marinette what to do with this situation.

    Who is Marinette's sister?

    If you don't know whether Marinette has a sister or not, we are here to tell you that yes, she has an older sister who is also her teacher. The name of Marinette's sister is Raven Dupain-Cheng. Raven is one year older than Marinette. She taught Marinette how to draw and sketch. She has a bracelet with the moon charm. Her kwami's name is Luna, and her miraculous name is L Moon. She loves her family, and her sisters, who are Marinette and Bridgette. For transformation, she says Luna, Tail up! And Luna, Tail down! She becomes angry within no time. So, there should be limitations while talking to her.

    Is Chat Noir a boy?

    It is the question that sometimes confuses the viewers. There is a reason for this question. As the appearance of Chat Noir has long hair. It sometimes resembles the female character. Also, the voice pitch of the actor sometimes confuses the listeners. Some people say it is a boy's voice, and some say it is a girl's voice. But, if you watch these TV series regularly, you will find out that Chat Noir is a boy. Even in every dubbed version, Chat Noir remains the same as a boy.

    Does Adrien have a crush on Kagami?

    There is no doubt that Adrien has a crush on Ladybug but let's think differently comparing Marinette and Kagami and Ladybug. When Ladybug is around, Adrien is wholly focused on Ladybug. But, when Ladybug disappears, and Marinette comes to the plot, Adrien looks very friendly and focused on Marinette. When we come to Kagami, Kagami has all the necessary qualities for becoming a crush on someone. As Adrien and Marinette's characters are written as main characters, Adrien is not going to like Kagami. She is fantastic, but Adrien has no time for her because he is swamped in Ladybug and Marinette.

    Is Marinette a Mary Sue?

    If you don't know what Mary Sue is, then let us explain to you. Mary Sue's term, which is used for characters performing their role in a story. Mary Sue means without flaws and errors, just perfect and fantastic. So, is Marinette is an ideal character, without defects and faults?
    Before going to answer this, there is another thing to discuss. No character is perfect. There always remains a point that is considered a fault in the character or the character's weakness. Similarly, Marinette also has some issues that are considered as no good for a good character. Many people say most of the people say Marinette is a Mary Sue. The following are some points.
    She is very obsessed with Adrien. She pushes away each girl coming near Adrien.
    Marinette is not sincere to her because she considers work more important than anything. Once, her parents wanted to play a game with her, and he refused because she prioritized her work, which is not good.
    She is mean. Sometimes she becomes mean in the case of Adrien. So, it also a drawback of Marinette's character.

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