Saturday night. Ask me anyyyyy question BUT....

  • @Rei_90 what about Sunday ??

  • @Lazz ......another example why I call you a twin on here. Syncing again.

    Hmmm...I would say 17. The age I finished HS and had a lot of decisions to make about life, my future, etc. I would have chosen a different path, maybe less rebellious, and avoided some regretful mistakes ahead.

    My turn now: (putting you in hot seat since you're my twin on here) What is your perfect first date? Describe in deets. And, pick THREE on this site, who would you take on that first date? 😏

    I know, i'm the horrible twin. LOL

  • @Rei_90 will you marry me?

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    @Rei_90 omg your so gorgeous that i didn't see where i was going and knocked my face on the door

  • @Darkh-Seth classic pick up line

  • @ShayThatBae Before I answer this, like hot just by looks (physical) now/then? or did you mean hot, like as a whole including their personality and what they did/doing in history?

  • @Darkh-Seth do u have a chicken farm?

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    @PeaCOCK-chu haha so that you can show handsome looks to charm the hot chicks 😂

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  • @Darkh-Seth you got anymore pick-up lines? i love cheesy pick-up lines. LOL

  • @PeaCOCK-chu oh dang...good one. LOL

  • @Rei_90 an indecent proposal indeed. but no need for baby steps. how will you know how deep the water is if you don't dive? so let me be direct and bold

    im a physicist and a climate scientist so imagine a house that is full of books about the profundities of the universe; a house with a huge telescope for observing how your eyes shine like the stars in the sky.

    children haha..depends on you.we can build an orphanage if you want 😏 hahahaha

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    @Rei_90 Yep, I AM in the 🔥 HOT SEAT now, Twin. 😒 But I liked your answer, and I understand a lot of what went on to choose that one. Also, reminds me of this song!

    Ok, ok, I can't stall any longer. My Perfect First Date. It would be night-time, and in winter, after a fresh snow-fall. I'd pick her up, and drive to a park, or other wooded area with winding paths, soft lights lighting the way, and sending diamond sparkles across the fallen snow. It would be cold, so we'd be arm-in-arm, or closer as we'd walk, and talk, and take in the stillness and beauty of the season, and our surroundings. We'd learn about each other. Laugh, share stories. After, we'd make our way back to my SUV, where I'd have a cooler in the back with strawberry swirl ice-cream, spoons, and a bottle of red wine (and glasses) chilling. We'd sit in the front seat, with the heater ON, as we'd enjoy more laughs, conversation, and treats. Snow would begin to fall, and we'd watch together, and maybe JUST MAYBE that'd be the time to share our first kiss. 💕

    As for WHO, well... @Khelayni would be an idea pick! Also, @17katie, but she hasn't been here for a while. We really hit it off, had great banter! And the "date" would have to take place in Canada. To be honest, I'd want to pick YOU too! We get along so well, but we're more like family. I'd still want to "hang out" with you, but either more as great friends or Twins! It'd be fun to go walking, talking, and laughing among the woods and the snow in night and the cold. I know how you are about winter, and snow! ❄

  • @PeaCOCK-chu well hmmm.... i am pretty spontaneous and can be impulsive sooooo okay, I DO! 👰🏻

    I can live in a house like that. I can learn a lot too which I like. Someone wants brownie points for that sweet line. Dang, that was sweet. 😍

    I want my own kids aaaaaand an orphanage. I will teach them art, music, basketball, and cooking. ❤ that would be so nice.

  • @RexGreeley hmmm that is pretty interesting. flexy.

  • @Rei_90 I approve of your choice of artist lol I agree her voice and delivery make her, in my opinion, one of THE best singers. But thats just me 😉

    Now on to your question......I think the name of my movie would have to be "Age of the Virgos" hahahaha being a Virgo many people think of us as being overly sensitive or kinda weak. I OBJECT 😠 So not true but what can ya do?

    And last but not least, I think my character would have to be played by Zoe Kravitz. She did such a good job being the sensitive but tough best friend in the Divergent series I can't help but think she's me. Now drumroll please.....your next question.

    🤔 If you could only make one last meal what would it be and who would you share it with???

  • @Khelayni we have a lot in common so far... art, churros, and that Adele is 🔥 !!!

    "Age of the Virgos" ... i like that and I loooove that you chose Zoe Kravitz (i love her in that movie). and i know a lot of virgos, they are sensitive but it doesn't mean they are weak. i also know they are driven, reliable, and loyal (also did you know they can be artsy too).

    Next movie... "Virgo and Gemini Eating Churros at an Adele Concert" hahaha.

  • 🤔 If you could only make one last meal what would it be and who would you share it with???

    That is a difficult question girl... (making me think)

    it has to be something from one of my ethnic backgrounds so either:

    japanese - a big plate of sushi and sashimi accompanied by miso soup, shrimp tempura, takoyaki and omurice.

    spaniard - a big dish of paella and rabo de toro (oxtail stew) and two tapas on the side which is pulpo a la gallega (octopus) and tortilla espanola.

    filipino - seafood pancit (noodles), white rice, tortang talong (eggplant omelet), bulalo (oxtail and beef veggie soup), and chicken adobo. have no idea how hungry I am writing all those down before bed. 🤤 ❤ 🍽

    ...and since you asked this wonderful question, i'll share it with youuuuuu.

  • @Rei_90 All these sound so good especially.....ALL OF THEM lmao and yesssss I shall clean my plate. We have to set a date to eat all those meals haha 😄

  • @Rei_90 happy greetings back interesting being!! 😆 Well no one ever said to me this so thanks I accept it !! Same to you also you have some sense which has meaning in it I like to read it ..
    Well may be, could be, should be would be .. I do not know?? Also I no need to think in that domain, I am a fellow have a awareness also very conscious to accept as it is !! Course wouldn't be changed because there no agenda , I like to obesrve let go.. as it is and there is no likes and dislikes with favours and , so now I let go !!

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