What do you guys think about Cosplay I love doing cosplay

  • @Alireza-iran oh good to know !! well I guess it's tacky for me this fellow also noticed the ears ..
    Now @Killstar66 ,@spookbunni so yeah !!

  • Soul Searchers Banned

    @spookbunni hey follow me let's chat
    I can't text you until you follow me

  • Soul Searchers Banned

    @knownsense For Someone Who Wants To Call Me With A Small Brain You Seem To Feel The Need To Express Yourself In A Very Long Essay But I Will Definitely Let You Know This She's A Good And Kind Person She's Never Done Anything Wrong To Anyone Or You.And For Someone To Sit There Behind The Keyboard And Criticize Her Cosplay Products Or Criticize Whatever It Is That She Does out of pure Envy cuz it's what it is . Means Deep Down Inside Of you is The Miserable And Hateful Person. And Seems To Confuse Malevolent Behavior And Malicious Comments For Helpful Criticism Or Judgment Of Any Kind. You Have No Business Accusing Anybody Of Anything Because As Far As Your Keyboard Can Type You Seem To Be Very Insecure With Yourself As Far As To Label People Things. So I Will Tell You This Your Thoughts Your Opinions They Don't Matter When You Go And Criticise And Bother Someone That I Like Or Some Of That I Care About Someone I Consider A Friend Then You Have Crossed Boundaries. I don't care if you're unhappy at home I don't care if you have depression or angry or miserable you have no right to treat anyone that way who's never done anything to you. But then again you or the definition of not loving yourself as your neighbor so therefore if you don't love yourself how do you expect you to love or respect anyone else?!. Or You're Bad And Beguiling Behavior Will Start To Catch Up To You And Then You'll Realize What You Were Such A Little loser As To Attack Someone Who's Never Done Anything To You Because You're Insecure Of Yourself And Feel The Need To Criticize Control And Someone Else Because You Have Some Type Of Mental Capacity Issue That's Something They Have To Solve With Yourself That's Why It's Called Self-esteem You Go Ahead And Solve That Shit And Stop Being Such A Troll . Learn To Have Some Type Of Self Dignity And Respect And Integrity And Then Maybe Some Love For Yourself And Maybe You'll Learn To Treat Others Better And Have A Nice Day

  • Cosplay can be fun...it can be very intricate sometimes...

  • @WtfDeckoFalls well brother I do agree with you .. I respect it!!

  • @Killstar66 too much dude now I belive you, that you have a itty bitty tiny brain get s fix grow up .. ipleaww stop wanking on screen, get socialise get life.. assuming and believing your lies to yourself leads to jurgemental mind toward your surroundings?! felt really sleepy, so next time voice note me , don't write long bull ok !! Anyway so you know how to spit up on your own face ?? !! Trust me I will make you do it for yourself only with my world ..please do not get into my brain yeah !! Will be cluttered for the self ok ..keep you bull take all with you and go away !!

  • @Killstar66 stop taking sides also stop commenting in favours with likes and dislikes and grow up ok .. wanna be _____&&&_head ___? Fill in the blanks help yourself ??

  • If anyone feels the need to argue, or have a disagreement to work out, please do so in DMs or make a Group Chat where you can all have at, and say what you will. Kindly STOP the back and forth bickering in the comments.

  • Yeah.... @Lazz is right 🙂

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