• More than a week later, and the wildfires are still burning, hardly contained at all. Thankfully, not very close to me, but the winds have brought the smoke in my direction, and the air quality has been terrible. More than 16,000 acres up in the hills, still burn. With luck, after a HOT end of summer day, tonight's cold will bring much needed rain, or possibly even SNOW by morning! There's been a thick hazy look to the sky. Similar to the images in this video, and the picture below.

  • @spookbunni I hope you'll be alright, too, and have a great time! Family is important

  • Sarah's Fan Club PM MORBHEAD

    This post is deleted!

  • @oz Exactly!

  • Banned

    Holy crap I hope you're okay and I hope it does cool down too I went with my mom this morning I just got here now. I'm in Oklahoma visiting my grandmother and her farm and stuff does she need some help with the animals and one of the horses are injured so it's been awhile since we seen our grandparents

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