• Hi, to the ones that are reading this. I'm so glad you are reading this, I mean, not many people knew me here, but I remember them.

    I arrived here in September of 2019. One year has gone by! I've met so many nice and kind and funny and beautiful people here.

    To the first person who said the first word to me, "Hi Dorian", Annie, you're a gem.

    To that first group that I got in, including bleckie and daisy, I know bleckie you so hated that nickname that daisy gave you, and daisy, the movie you recommended me is still a favorite.

    To the next group of people that I met, @Rhydian, @Vanie, and @Sam, I had so much fun and shared so many great moments with all of you.
    Rhydian, you, my man, had always been the one to help others, you've always helped me too, this amazing quality to you was supernatural. Vanie, you, were the most interesting person I met here, I loved that we shared taste in music and I was always so happy whenever you came along in the chat. Sam, I just remember this one detail, where you showed me how to get rid of idiots in the global chat, you taught me spamming to save my life.

    Finally, in the past, last month, I met a new pack of people as well, lily, sky, autumn, Aiden, grey, duck, and many more. I remember so many memories with you guys. Maybe you might not know me as Dorian, I was also Jer, Clay, Harold, Myers, Rhay, and even Ihateuall once, lol.

    There are still so many names that I remember like @Fawkes and @Ihateuall, that matter to me.

    I wanted to share with you all that I am leaving this place, I guess this is it, me doing the classic way about it. I'm not sure you'll read this, pretty sure, no ones going to read this, but here it is anyway, and it is out there.

    The truth is, this place started to grow a bit unhealthy in general, mostly right after good people started to leave. So, I decided that I needed to leave as well, and I needed to find a hobby, a good one, one, a place of mind where I could go instead of this place.

    In all honesty, I had always imagined us leaving, that part was inevitable I guess, and it does not make me sad that I'll never see any of you again, but it rather makes me really happy and content and satisfied at heart that I got a chance to share my story with so many people like you, and that I got to be remembered by so many people. You've all been my best friends ever since then, I'm actually thankful for all the good times, the laughs, and the jokes.

    In the end, as one piece of my thought for you all:
    I am sure there is so much more for all of us out there in the world, and I am sure we all will find those good times out there once again, I really hope you all continue to lead healthy lives, and I truly wish you all the good things.

    All the love,

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