I' wanna know about your lifestyle, what is like living the life you've got and what is like living in the place you live in?

  • that's about it.

    i'm from Brazil, and sometimes it sucks and sometimes it's cool.

    we deal with violence, poor infrastructure, here in my city at least the weather is quite good though. not too warm.. and not cold at all.

    we have a decent/regular access to internet

    we live in this so called country side. right in the heart of the country. no beaches..only farms, cattle, and soy plantation

    no mountains, no deserts. it's a very typical vegetation called Cerrado, where you can find a bunch of dry short sized contorted trees.

    the music people listen to is mostly - brazilian country, we call it sertanejo. If you are into Blake Shelton or maybe Garth brooks tunes, you should check Jorge e Matheus or Ze Neto e Cristiano out on spotify and hear for yourself what i'm talking about. it's a mixture of pop/country/latin music. ..yes...AI SE EU TE PEGO is a good example of this kind of genre lol.

    Me myself, I can't stand this type of music. i'm more into..classic rock, prog rock, stuff like that.

    I'm a musician, producer, singer and guitar player. interestly enough, you almost don't have to sell your body to get food everyday living out with only music here. (maybe it's because of this Sertanejo boom....and..it's still...booming)

    so, what about yours? how's like living in the place you live? I'd love to read your comments

  • Slavery.

  • @Victor-Euzébio I think there are many perspectives. It will take months to complete my answer :grinning:

  • @kaia_ Months? Given the option I'd gladly spend years.

  • @Lazz Sure, anything but boring :)

  • @kaia_ You are nothing short of amazing. Must be, I am constantly amazed