Chinese facial recognition, not funny

  • Did you know that China will acquire a facial recognition database for all its inhabitants, including foreign residents? When I read the "News in South China Morning Post", a tear came to my eye. But it was not a bad tear, it was a tear of sadness. And why sadness? Because of the tremendous uselessness of the system, let me explain.

    As everyone knows, the Chinese are (almost) all physically similar: short, straight and shiny hair, beardles, with slanted eyes and always with a little smile on the face (attractive feature on the girls, not gonna lie). Previously, making use of the bracketed almost was to, somehow, not exclude everyone living in China who ... are not Chinese! So I evoke the Japanese, the Latins, the northern Europeans and as far as your imagination allows.

    In this way, it is obvious that the accuracy rate of this equipment is nearly ninety percent, since the algorithm incorporated in this system can identify a large number of facial expressions. However, in this country only recognizes one possible face, the Chinese. As you can see, and if you're good at mathematics, the other ten percent (100-90) are Japanese, the Latins, Northern European, and again, as far as you can imagine.

    On the one hand, if you are a resident of China, you look Chinese, and if for fun you remember to rob a restaurant, or hit an airport guard also equipped with this system, you and the others about 1,260 million of inhabitants will also be held accountable for your act.

    On the other hand, if you are part of the other 140 million who do not have Chinese characteristics, it is here that the utility of facial recognition gains some expression. It will be very easy to for you to be identified by this system and, in a matter of seconds you can be located individually. By your distinctive nose, your skin color, your careless beard or the eye patch you wear on the right eye.

    That being said, the reason why the Chinese people are a hard-working, law-abiding people is justified. Otherwise it was enough for one, just an inhabitant to flee to the treasury or divert money, to (almost) all the natives of China, to pay a fine, otherwise they would see themselves in prison.

    In conclusion, it was a shame that the government invested so many millions in this technology that promised to be the solution for the particular identification of the Chinese citizen and, in the end, it turns out to be useless in this territory. It seems that the test phase took place in another country in the world where everyone was different from each other, but applying it in Chinese establishments was a big lapse.

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