why do being loved arouse anxiety?,why do so many people respond with distrust and anger to being loved?

  • why do long term commitments spooke us
    why do praises make us angry
    why is there fear of intimacy
    why do we feel pressured by someones love

  • Why so many questions all at once ? XD

    Love is very powerful, it's a kind of a force. It can cause ecstasy or anguish. Therefore we should be careful with it.

  • @amale17
    because all those questions are about the same topic..

    i know its powerful but why cause anguish?and why should one be careful..how did it become a scary thing? and why?

  • Love is all about reciprocation. The partners should feel that they are being loved. If one of the partners is not showing as much affection, then the other partner will feel apprehensive. Love is synchronous, and if that synchronicity is altered it will have a different effect.

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    Because love involves being vuberable and opening up your deepest and truest self to another human being. At the same time we know as humans nothing is garunteed and we dont know if the person we are becoming completely vunerable with is being true themselves. Thats why today people would rather have fake relationships that are more about physical love then emotional and mental love because if it does come crashing and burning down the wall remains standing and they can feel good about not letting the person in and forget about them. Long story short love is a risk like gambling and nobody likes to go all in if they are unsure about the results.

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