• Hi nick. I don't know the chances of you reading this or the chance of us finding each other and talking here again but i just want you to know that although i said we have to forget each other, i don't think i could. We have that connection and u know it. It was really really nice to have come across you. And you made me feel good just talking to you in that amount of time. You're so sweet and as soon as the conversation ended last night, i felt like i lost someone that's not even mine in the first place. God, this is getting too dramatic 😅. We didn't even get to see or exchange each other's pics. But i guess that's what made it even more interesting. I just hope we meet again and will be able to talk in other circumstances. And then i'd tell you more lame jokes haha. I'll always think of u --from that sexy english tutor😉

    Whoever reads this and maybe find a nick 31 from england, please tell him i said hi.

  • @Jey-Tmg good luck I hope you find him cos if he doesn't already then he will LOVE the Phillipines.
    Ingat/amping 👍