• When I was younger ( back in late 80s early 90s )
    My mom and dad didn’t have a whole lot of money growing up so they made some homemade deserts for me and my brother. One of which was white rice milk sugar and cinnamon mixed together and warmed up in the microwave. Decided make it the other day and it brought back so many memories of childhood. It’s amazing what a smell or food can do to bring nostalgia back !

  • Pretty much except you make too much rice then next day add egg, milk, cinnamon and raisins then bake. Very good left over dessert

  • @Doc-Brown I have never eaten that food before... must be delicious :)
    Sure thing, memories are precious beyond belief. Food is a wonderful way to trigger and hold on to those memories. For me, certain foods just remind me of certain feelings I had when I first had it. Cherish yours as I do mine. In the end, they’re all we really own.

  • @Doc-Brown 🙋‍♂️

  • @Doc-Brown Is this what I'm thinking… Delicious. If this little sweet I loves that...

  • Ohh, my grandma did the similar thing for my mom back in the Soviet times
    She made a sweet soup with noodles. Basically, boiled them in milk and then added honey. Tried it myself, really tasty