• the moon is a lesbian,
    which I know because she has
    kissed every inch of my body
    more often than any lover
    I've ever known.
    I have watched the way
    she kisses the ocean
    and guides her gently home,
    have seen her face reflected with love
    in the ever-changing sparkling surface of the sea,
    and I don't know any other word
    to describe a love like that.
    the moon is a lesbian because
    she knows how to love without taking,
    I have scarcely loved a man
    who has learned how to love without taking,
    that is not to say that no man
    can love without taking,
    but it is a skill that is learned
    through a grief
    that I have shared with every
    queer woman, I have ever met.
    the moon is a lesbian because
    the night I stumbled out of
    the apartment of the man
    who only loved me when
    he thought he could keep me,
    blood on my lips and nowhere to go,
    the moon kissed my fingertips
    and she said,
    what took you so long?
    welcome home."

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    @Cosmic_Lady superb.. A beautiful example of poetry as well as of sympathy and support for the lgbtq+ community

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    @Cosmic_Lady running out of words for appreciating this masterpiece