im so in love. am i dreaming???????????????

  • i have the greatest boyfriend in the world. he walks me to my 5th period class every day to see me! hes so dreamy and charming. when i see him in courtyard, i jus give him a hug and lean on him and it makes him smile, this is the first boyfriend ive ever had. sure hes made some mistakes in his life, but i love him for his personality. my friends keep telling me that hes gonna give me a kiss on the lips on halloween. he already gives me kisses on the cheek and forehead, and my friends freak out when he does. its so nice to have someone in your life who loves you and truley cares how you feel, unlike my family.

  • ....Cool

  • i feel the same way. there is this guy that likes me or i think he likes me because he is always staring at me.

  • @riverdalegirl no this guy is my boyfriend hes been my boufriend for 2 weeks now!