• Maybe this is something mutual or maybe not. Now , sure, there are a lot of horny people on the internet and really no one's at fault here unless it's not mutual or without consent(happens very often, I get it). But you know, I don't care if the guy's horny. I mean, sex is a biological need and a really good feeling, so who am I to have anything against that? If anything, I support that. Because I want to have a relationship with someone who's not asexual.
    Yes, asexual people are just not inclined toward sex. They can still want romantic relationships. And I support every gender. So, it's wrong saying there are just two. Maybe there are biologically mostly two, but orientation-wise, you can be anything.
    Anyways, I tend to be sapiosexual cuz who isn't turned on by intelligence? And as for intelligence, it's a very critical matter. I mean, you talk to a guy, you can kinda make out whether he's smart or not but if he's trying too hard, then you know he's not the one.
    Besides, I think we tend to be this picky, judgmental and cynical only because we're on the internet(unless of course, if you're very naive). I know that when you develop feelings for people in real life, you don't care if they're mean, or ignorant, heck, act like a douche(yes, this one talks rather about my self-respect than anything else), but sometimes you just like a person. And if they're wrong for you, well, ultimately, you do realize you shouldn't like them and then, given some time, you're back to normal except you've learnt something new which you should keep in mind for the future.(Don't like motherfuckers who don't care about you)
    There's also this thing. People say "I love you" way too many times. I mean throwing off an "I love you" just like that really loses the purpose of even saying it. What is true love even? I don't know. I've never felt it with someone apart from my family(which, in this case I want to feel). There's a huge difference between liking a person a lot and loving them.
    Loving a person, at least what I imagine it to be, is when you don't have to spend all that much time together but you know, you just know, you have someone there that you can meet who can make you feel good. Some times, it can be toxic, but that just depends on what kind of a person you are, to be able to handle it or not. And this trust, now I'm not saying that people can't cheat on the ones they love, because that happens too. And it is painful. But just the general thing that you know you can trust them with your life. And they get you and you get them. It's like a mutual understanding - be it a normal situation or an inside joke - something that the two of you share. And that one characteristic, no, not beauty, that some times ties all those loose ends during tough times; that one thing that makes you love them even more; that one thing that reminds you of why you're with them.

    But yeah, those are all my thoughts. Please share yours. I'm waiting :)
    Really. For those of you reading, I'd love to listen to your opinions. Hope you follow for more posts like this, if you like it. This should be an interactive topic.

  • you want a guy with no picture?

  • I didn't get you?
    A guy with no picture?

  • @Hellloooooooo as in what you look like. as in, how do i even know who i am talking to

  • @Mike-JB Nahh. I was just talking in general. I mean, yes, I'd love for it to find some one anytime. But there's no rush. So... I couldn't bother the least about a picture.