• I am trying to find someone who can speak German who would like to also learn English. I am trying to work on my German language skills and would love to chat with someone.

    Ich versuche jemanden zu finden, der Deutsch kann und der auch Englisch lernen möchte. Ich versuche an meinen Deutschkenntnissen zu arbeiten und würde gerne mit jemandem chatten.

  • @Alkronos , This place is to lean how to be desperate, weirdo , pussy flasher , dick head , stupid cow ,godly ,dogly , all of it. This not the place to learn languages, go to Google temple and seek guidance , you will find much guidance by the grace of google goddess ..

  • Thank you kind sir, your guidance will not be easily forgotten.

  • @Alkronos my pleasure 😊🙏

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