• Guys and girls...anyone cut their own hair at home?
    As we can't get to the barbers or hairdressers with all this Covid 19 stuff..wondered if anyone has ?

    I just shave my head or cut my hair really short with clippers..which is easy and requires very little skill..

    So what about you?

  • @TT120 surprisingly, I did cut my hair and bangs a week ago(¿) and as someone who isn't born into a barber family or doesn't have a past in which I cut my own hair, youtube was a great help lol but honestly, if they extend this lockdown a week more, I'm gonna sue and shave.

  • @Lin-0 Nice work ? I think guys have an easier time as they can just cut it super short or shave it..

  • @TT120 a girl lol, from my experience, I think it was easier to cut my hair than my dad's and yes I cut my dad's hair. haha guess hairdresser is a new career option for me now lol

  • @Lin-0 Sorry I edited my post when I saw you wrote bangs:) Well done on cutting yours and your Dads hair! Mad skills !!!:+1: :+1:

  • @TT120 hahaaah