• Just message me idont care who you are!

  • @Someboy16 hows it goin

  • @ScottishGuy im good you

  • I can see this conversation is going well. So much excitement here eh? ;) There are many topics you can freely join, there is no reason to be bored.

    So tell me what you are really yearning for? No reason to be so vague in your request for attention. If you want something, you gotta go get it. How else will anyone know what it is you seek? We can not read minds, at least, I can't.

  • That is not much of a conversational piece. That too, is vague and with so many bots and spammers around, surely you know more words, no? Do not misunderstand, it is a start, but it doesn't hold onto one's attention well does it? I am confident a simple word or broken sentence is enough to create very little to no effect to the desired intention.

    Try again @ScottishGuy I need something more than a single word. I will loose interest far too quickly and you wouldn't want that, right? You've made a small effort for communication, but you need more than a single word if your goal is to further this conversation.

  • ok, hows it going, you coping with this stupid virus thing? has it affected you in any way?

  • @ScottishGuy Haha there we go! I had faith you had more to say and I was correct!

    My city is reinforcing the "stay at home" movement. Most shops are closed and you are eligible for a fine if you try to travel and it does not pertain to work. The morale is down and demestic abuse is up. It is disheartening. I hope the lockdown will be over soon.

    I has affected me, yes. I had two choices: be good or be bad. I felt like an animal in a cage... but I chose to be good and received help. I am now back on track and am currently looking to meet new individuals with like minds.

  • where is it you are from?

  • I am located on the west side of USA. How has this pandemic affected you, if any? Also what is your city doing about it currently?

  • @NewtTrouble im Aberdeen Scotland, as far as i know the shops are limiting customers inside, i havent really been affected coz im housebound anyway, only difference is getting stuff deliverd is sometimes taking longer than normal

  • @ScottishGuy Aw yes, that is quite a neusence. I too, have experienced lag from online purchases. Why are you housebound? I could not stay in my house. I was born to come as I please, do what I please, whenever I please.

  • i hate it aswell but mmy mistake in life has left me disabled, right above knee amputee

  • @ScottishGuy I see. That should not stop you from doing what you please. I have seen many disabled individuals continue to do what they want. Challenging, sure, but it doesn't stop them. I've seen some enjoy the skateparks and are actually sometimes better than those on a board with fully functioning legs. You could do some wicked tricks and skills if you learned. :)

  • @NewtTrouble hey what's up

  • @NewtTrouble yeah i also have severe social anxiety which doesnt help much

  • @Scully_11 I misread your name. I thought it was Sully, and I thought.. now I haven't heard a name like that since Godsmack. Now I would like to listen to that band again.

    @ScottishGuy I can not help you with that. It is a battle you must overcome on your own. Sometimes it is as easy as overcoming your fear and facing this challenge by placing yourself in awkard confrontations with strangers. If something goes wrong you are able to leave the situation knowing they were just strangers and you may not see them again. You could also try a professional in this matter. They would give you better advice than I ever could.

  • @NewtTrouble Godsmack is the shit!! I like your style. I stand alone !!! How are you and where you from?

  • @NewtTrouble i used to go out and face my problems, but as i cannot leave the situation as no car etc i have just remained indoors

  • @Scully_11 s "crying like a bitch" is my favorite from that band. It makes the blood flow, that one. I am doing well now. Perhaps getting tired, but I am still writing strong. I have confidence that you could easily find where I live by looking up at the previous comments in this tipic's thread.

    @ScottishGuy Your world is as big as you make it. The only one holding you back is you. If your home is your world, there is nothing wrong with it as long as it satisfies your needs.