• Hi!
    So often we give so many excuses in our lives that hinders us away from our optimum goal (positively). We think that we are not good enough, poor, not pretty/handsome enough, single bingle, lazy, foolish, not enough facilities or whatever it is. I'm sure I can't count them one by one.

    Well, what about try to consider 1000 ways in our lives? How to upgrade and update yourself become better (positively). Maybe with the little things we can make that happen. Let me share for example, during this lockdown period, I wanted to eat Japanese cheesecake so badly but I don't have oven so instead of oven, I steamed them. Taste? It was really not bad at least it is still a cheesecake. Maybe we can't find a certain ingredients, but we can use what that is available and create our own, right?

    Even during this lockdown, let's spread positivity and good influence to people around us. I encourage friends to learn something new. Something that you have put excuses in that you can't but actually when you consider ways, you will able to do it. Slowly but surely. ;)

    Sorry for a long post, not sure who will read this. Maybe haters gonna hate. But it's alright. I just want to spread positivity to you who are reading this :) cheeriyo!

  • @Belle123 No need to apologize. Positivity is in short supply, for many these days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, insight, encouragement and good vibes. Well said. :grin:

  • @Lazz thanks for spending your time to read! And yes, you do the same! :)

  • @Belle123 There are a few here who are trying to share some positivity, in their own ways (including myself). Another is always welcome. :grin:

  • @Belle123 Positivity is always appreciated. Hardly anyone's going to hate it. The quarantine/lockdown has given us time to think and set upon new goals or speed up the work towards unfinished ones. Sometimes a little encouragement can do a lot. Good that you wrote this post. 😊😊