FREEDOM...♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

  • Ok thank you so much madaam

  • @ANYA_TH Ma' am .. i need your help.. i have read your other messages.. and those are inspiring.. i hope you will help me.. i promise i will not take much time of yours.. with respect.. 😊

  • @zoryan Yes, Tell me?

  • @ANYA_TH actually i got a very unbelievable story.. i don't know you will believe me or not.. but i really wants too get over of all this.. my mind has just stopped working.. i will tell you in short.. my dad died when i was 2..years old.. then i loved a girl.. when i was 16 years ..old. but she left me because her childhood friends..because.. i'm of that aggresive fightimg kid type.. but by heart i never break someone trust.. then after her.. i don't stop loving her.. but stop showing it.. thenafter.. i get into some illegal works.. drugs.. trafficking.. i know this was the biggest mistake of my life.. my mom had tried her best.. to take me to the right path.. but i never.. listened her.. then in 2018 decwmber 9:34 pm.. my mom died because of brain hamrage.. then at that time.. i changed.. i left all bad work behind.. then i became.. something else. i used to be very talkative.. i became silent.. then one day i was.. sitting alone.. with a fake insta id stalking the girl i loved when i was 16.. she was live.. and on that live.. some random boy commented shit her.. i was drunk.. and as being aggressive.. i comment back to that boy.. and on that day.. i got a msg from her.. we started chatting.. and at that time she don't know that was me.. she was depressed.. i made her laugh.. i helped her.. to get out of her depression.. and then she falls in love with me.. without even seeing me.. just because of my voice.. and talk.. on day she cried and insisted me. to tell her.. who i am ? , as i tell her. .. that it is me.. she got angry.. i tried hard.. to tell her.. that at that time i was not wrong.. but she doesn't understand.. she left.. and after all this mess.. my head and heart jut feel like.. they stopped working.. i'm not understanding that what is happening to me.. now i'm 22.. and my name is arhaan.. i have tried my best to forgot my past.. but it isn't easy.. i wants to die.. but i can't.. because i got a dream.. i doesn't want to die like a stranger to the world.. i wants to die.. after doing aomething big.. but i can't focus.. b'coz of a this.. i don't know wether you will believe me or not.. but i swear.. this is true.. and i'm nkt understanding.. why all this ahave happened to me..

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ANYA_TH thank you so much ma'am.. for your time and effort yiu have made for me.. i really appreciate that.. i understood every single meaning.. of yours.. and it helped.. thank yiu once again ma'am ❤

  • @zoryan You're welcome, my pleasure.(◕ᴗ◕✿)

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